Can I Claim a Refund from Brighthouse?

If you have had or do have any account with Bright House you could be due a refund for Brighthouse’s inability to lend money correctly. The firm when lending money should assess a client’s ability to repay before entering into an agreement which the financial conduct authority (FCA) found on many occasions it did not do. The firm also failed to assess a client’s ability to repay and the methods of collection for those in financial difficulty could well have been unfair in a considerable number of cases.

A Brighthouse Refund can date back a number of years where we have successfully recovered money over 6 years ago a limit that the firm sometimes tries to use to avoid paying out for these irregularities to be addressed.

Brighthouse Refund

Brighthouse Refund
brighthouse refundBrighthouse, the weekly payment store has been ordered to refund £14.8 million in compensation refunds to its customers after a FCA ruling.  Typically a refund will include any interest paid with an extra 8% refund on top as compensation.

If you have a Bright house facility but you’re still using or a facility or facilities as many people did then it is certainly worth checking as to whether Bright house correctly followed their required procedures in establishing if you had the borrowing capacity to enter into arrangements with them. What form the sales process took with them and establishing that they ask the right questions of you to make sure you could meet the affordability of the agreement you are entering into and that all of the pitfalls and charges and costs were explained at that particular point in time.

The FCA’s Jonathan Davidson said: “During the time in question, Brighthouse was not a responsible lender and failed to meet our expectations of firms in this sector.

“Responsible lending and the fair treatment of consumers, especially those in financial difficulties or who are vulnerable, are key priorities for us.”

The evidence and comments made by the FCA are damning and anyone who has any form of facility with Bright House should check.

With the PPI scandal dominating the tabloid pages over recent years some of the other equally and financially devastating problems that have arisen through as with Bright house inappropriate lending have been passed by and been unseen by those affected.


We are delighted to check on behalf of clients any facilities whether current or historical that they had with Brighthouse on a fee free basis. Namely if there is no refund whatever reason there is no fee to pay where we have considerable experience in dealing with a number of cases and obtaining significant refunds on many.