Who We Are

Martin Knipe is the Director of the Firm, Facility Review Ltd.  He has experience in dealing with banking disputes on behalf of clients, both directly with the Banks, the Financial Ombudsman and, in certain circumstances, through the Courts as a representative providing expert witness testimony.

Prior to his time, from the late 1990s onwards, in dealing with clients disputes and concerns on an independent basis, he had worked for a High Street Bank in a variety of roles that built up the relevant understanding in how to deal with clients’ complaints, that have borne so well for his future use.

Facility Review runs a small office that provides the unique individual service that enables us, with our experience and close contact with clients, to find information that the majority of other people and Claims Management Companies are simply unable to source or look into.

We can deal with a vast array of any form of financial claim.  Primarily we are dealing with claims where lending has been provided without the correct appraisal having taken place. When lending has been established as unnafforadble, we have been able to obtain redress that rectifies the position for the client. An example of some of the refunds obtained are below.

1/  MS D T     George Banco                          £6153.60

2/  Mr D B     Bamboo                                      £3824.90

3/  Mr A B     Oodle Car Finance                  £8567.98

4/  Mr P E      Everyday Lending                   £4297.07

5/  Mr S L       MoneyBarn                              £3400.65


With our knowledge and understanding in dealing with banking disputes, it is important that we maintain a strong position with the Banks, but also offer a professional and determined hand when dealing with them.  We believe our experience allows us to professionally deal with any lender, ultimately looking to engage with them to achieve a successful outcome.

It is important to maintain a firm line with Lenders and Banks, but at the same time, not antagonise them.  This is because, ultimately, if they do not want to deal with you as a Firm – they do not have to!  They know however that it is in their interests that we will deal with them in our certain way.  Whilst we are hard, we do play fair.  The Lenders do tend to appreciate this albeit from a professional stance, rather than appreciate our existence where we obtain money for our clients.