Co-operative Bank Packaged Bank Account Refunds

Do all PBA’s charge a fee which is monthly? All packaged bank accounts or PBA’s charge a monthly fee. The account itself is likely to have a variety of financial inducements attached to justify this monthly cost. The benefits package will contain elements such as travel insurance, car breakdown cover and reduced interest rates on … Read more

Santander Packaged Bank Account Refunds

Any form of packaged bank account will charge a fee, by the very nature of the account and additional benefits the bank will always impose a cost. Packaged bank accounts are not necessarily a bad thing but like anything the financial services sector have been prone to mis-sale in the past. Banks have a clear … Read more

RBS Packaged Bank Account Refunds

Do all Package Bank Accounts Charge a fee? All package bank accounts charge a fee on a monthly basis for the use of the account facility and to obtain the benefits package attached to package bank account facilities. The facilities of the bank account relate to the various benefits which can range from travel insurance … Read more

NatWest Packaged Bank Account Refunds

What is a bank Account with a Monthly fee? A bank account with a monthly fee charged is normally referred to as a package bank account. The packaged bank account or PBA are account facilities set up by banks through a current account and are their way of justifying charging a monthly fee for the … Read more

Lloyds Packaged Bank Account Refunds

What is a paid for Bank Account? A paid for bank account or as they are commonly known a package bank account or PBA entered the financial scene in the late 1990s and have been the main stay of current account income for the leading banks since the early 2000’s. They generate considerable amount of … Read more

Halifax Packaged Bank Account Refunds

What is a PBA? What is a PBA or a package bank account or as it is more familiarly known as basically a current account? The banks a number of years ago, always looking for ways to maximise their income stream, decided to charge clients’ money for the operation of current accounts which had always … Read more

Barclays Packaged Bank Account Refunds

Think you may have been mis-sold a packaged bank account by Barclays?  The vast majority of banks have package bank accounts available to their clients. These form an invaluable source of income for the banks to operate current account facilities where they are able to charge a monthly fee to justify the operation of an … Read more