RBS Packaged Bank Account Refunds

Do all Package Bank Accounts Charge a fee?

All package bank accounts charge a fee on a monthly basis for the use of the account facility and to obtain the benefits package attached to package bank account facilities. The facilities of the bank account relate to the various benefits which can range from travel insurance to reduced interest rates on borrowing. Bank current accounts were in the main 20 years ago free but the banks have seen an opportunity and grasped it with both hands to find a way of charging clients for the operation of current accounts generating them huge revenues.

Can my Select Silver, Select Platinum, Black or Advantage Gold account be Mis-sold?

If you have had Select Silver, Select Platinum, Black or Advantage Gold account with the RBS then it is certainly worthwhile considering whether the account and the benefits attached are of use to you financially and in your everyday lives. It is worthwhile thinking back at the point of sale consider whether the account itself was promoted to you correctly or in fact if it was mis-sold and of no use or of limited use to you.

Package bank accounts can be of benefit but only if they have been sold correctly and the various elements are relevant financial requirements. If they are not can be a costly account to operate

I Believe my RBS account was Mis-sold what can I do?

If you believe your RBS account was mis-sold then it is important for you to challenge its sale or mis-sale as the case may be. We help have helped many clients obtain considerable refunds running regularly into the high hundreds but on many occasions into the thousands by the time interest is applied. We work on a purely no fee basis so if there is no refund for whatever reason then there is no fee to pay. We will look at taking the complaint not only to the firm that should they decline the reasons for the mis-sale to them, we will seek further review with the financial ombudsman.

My best way to Complain about a Mis-sold Select Silver, Select Platinum, Black or Advantage Gold Account?

The best way to complain about a mis-sold Select Silver, Select Platinum, Black or Advantage Gold account is to look at the option either complaining yourself or using a claims firm will work on your behalf no win no fee basis. Whilst the complaints process should easy it can be long winded and ultimately take up time in a busy life, with no guarantee of success it might not be something you want to get involved with. The option to then use a claims firm is appealing as long as they work on a no win no fee basis. 

My PBA was Mis-sold what next?

If the PBA package bank account was mis-sold it is worth challenging this to see if a refund is due it can run certainly into the high hundreds if not the thousands when you include all the interest and charges as well as the compensation element of interest. The important aspect of any concerns that you have for any financial product not just a package bank account is that you do take action. You do challenge what you believe to be incorrect and ask for answers.

Claiming for a Mis-sold RBS bank Account?

Few claim for claim for a mis-sold RBS bank account because you believe that it has been incorrectly promoted to you then it is important to make sure you see the complaints through. We find many of our clients wish to use us in order to achieve this as they feel often intimidated by their bank or financial institution when raising any form of financial complaint. Whilst the financial ombudsman and the banks regulator the financial conduct authority believe they have a simple process in place to challenge any form of financial irregularity or concern, we find through our clients contact that this is not the case.

Even now having dealt with complaints on behalf of clients for the last 20 years I can certainly see how clients find the whole process long winded, intimidating and off putting.

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